Paying admission

I paid admission to the water but it was not Hydrogen nor was it Oxygen
I was admitted to the ER but not to the Psychiatric Ward
I paid admission with a scream whenever light became a solid object
I paid admission to touch the broken sundial
I was admitted to many bars all of which were illegal dives
I was admitted to a jail cell whose gray walls told me not to spit and not to urinate  There were no blankets in that ice cube
I think I was admitted to this world by a girl named Susan but that was before I had seen an MRI of my skeleton
I lied about my age but they admitted me into the Kingdom of the Knife anyway   Chrome is very sharp
“Where were you last night?” Greene screamed “We had to beat some dude senseless to keep him from killing us with a machete   If we admit this we’re dead”
I think my name is John    But I admit to Adam Bradley Chuck
Why are we so confused? Is it because we love evil or love ourselves?
If you admit Death into your house will a candle still cover the lost shadows?
Father Miller’s wine-drip lips muttered “Admit what you have done and it will go easier on you”
Eve admitted after questioning “I always wanted to   It wasn’t something came over me or tempted me but I knew I was alone    No   I was not hungry or thirsty”
I admit I wanted to slap her    Hard   Very hard
It was like listening to my own voice    Whiny   Tidal   There was sunlight in the rising pitch
I divorced Death and asked for all the wine all the books and all the CDs and records
I am cold
Admit me to your snowflake daylight
They returned my brother’s shotgun to the Target store on Saddle Creek in Omaha
What is a sales slip?
With the refund money they bought a beautiful brass plaque to mark his grave
Someday I will bow down to Mother Earth close enough to whisper “Admit me into your presence”
My lips will be talking but the words will not move

John McKernan
09 06 16