Ancient food

Two kinds of food were manna to me — the overcooked and the under-ripe. My top meal would consist of burnt bits of steak still clinging to the broiler pan and peaches you could bounce off a handball court. I like things one is not supposed to like. For example, when the army sergeant in the movie says to his men, “Now, ladies,” I don’t care who finds it offensive, it always made me smile. Of course, I had to learn to keep such opinions to myself. I loved old food, and brand new food without feeling the need to share that with anyone. Old food had a history, it had been through stuff. New food was completely bewildered. It had no chance to acquire any bad habits. It was stubborn — a quality I always liked in my food. Food should resist us, in my opinion. My husband loves mushy things but to me anything that gives way too fast is not really something I want in me.

Merridawn Duckler
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