Joel Allegretti is the author of five collections of poetry and the editor of Rabbit Ears: TV Poems

Darcy Allred lives and writes in St. Louis.

Dipti Anand is a poet, writer, editor, and curator from New Delhi, India.

Devon Balwit’s poetry has appeared in 3 Elements, Birds Piled Loosely, Leveler, and elsewhere. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

Brian Michael Barbeito is a Canadian writer and photographer. His work has appeared in Fiction International, The Tishman Review, and elsewhere.

Michael Battisto is a poet and chef who lives in Oakland.

Dawn-Michelle Baude has authored seven volumes of poetry and two books of translation, including Vision of the Return.

Morgan Bazilian is a poet and professor of statistical thermodynamics in Colorado.

William C. Blome’s poems and fiction have appeared in Amarillo Bay, PRISM International, Fiction Southeast, The California Quarterly and elsewhere.

Jesse Bradley is the author of the flash fiction chapbook No More Stories About The Moon.

David Brennan teaches at James Madison University in Virginia. His books include If Beauty Has to Hide, a collection of cross-genre work, and Murder Ballads: Exhuming the Body Buried Beneath Wordsworth’s Lyrical Ballads, a work of creative literary criticism.

Michelle Brooks is the author of the poetry collection Make Yourself Small and the novella Dead Girl, Live Boy.

Michael Busk has published work in the Gettysburg Review, Fiction International, Michigan Quarterly Review, and other magazines.

Mary Carroll-Hackett is the author of poetry chapbooks The Real Politics of Lipstick, Animal Soul, and The Night I Heard Everything, among many others.

Olivia Clare is the author of a book of poems, The 26-Hour Day. Her short story collection, Disasters in the First World, and a novel are both forthcoming from Grove Atlantic. 

Joelle A. Chassé’s work has appeared in Word Riot, Six Hens and elsewhere. She lives in Nashville, Tenn.

Idan Cohen’s poetry and fiction has appeared in Barnwood Poetry Magazine, Greatest Uncommon Denominator and elsewhere. He lives in moshav Ein Iron, Israel.

Jerry Dennis’ work has been published in PANK, the Mid-American Review, Riverteeth and elsewhere. His most recent book is the essay collection A Walk in the Animal Kingdom.

Poet Salvatore Difalco writes from Toronto, Canada.

Jane Donohue is a writer of poetry and prose from New Hampshire. Her work has appeared in the Northern New England Review, the Woven Tale Press, and Harness Magazine, and is forthcoming in Autofocus.

Edward A. Dougherty is the author of four poetry collections. His most recent is Grace Street.

Merridawn Duckler is a playwright and poet in Portland, Oregon with recent work in The Offing, Defenestration, Ekphrastic Review, Really System, and elsewhere.

Carol Ellis’ work has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Comstock Review, The Cincinnati Review, and elsewhere. She is also the author of a chapbook, I Want a Job

Robert Eversmann lives in Central Point, Oregon. His work has appeared in Fog Machine, SUSAN/the journal, and Deep Overstock.

Jared Daniel Fagen’s prose has appeared in The Collagist, PLINTH, The Brooklyn Rail, Sleepingfish, and elsewhere.

Bradley J. Fest is the author of a volume of poetry, The Rocking Chair. He teaches writing at the University of Pittsburgh. Other poems in this cycle have appeared in Spork, Empty Mirror and Small Po[r]tions.

John Findura is a psychotherapist in Northern New Jersey.

Thomas Fink is the author of Zeugma, Reading Poetry with College and University Students, and 13 previous books, as well as three co-edited anthologies.

Harrison Fisher has published eight chapbooks of poems and four full-length collections: Curtains For You (1980), Blank Like Me (1980), UHFO (1982), and Poematics of the Hyperbloody Real (2000).

Malado Francine is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist. 

Joachim Frank is a scientist and writer living in New York City. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Bartleby Snopes, The Conium Review, and elsewhere.

Cal Freeman is the author of the poetry collection, Brother Of Leaving, and the chapbook, Heard Among The Windbreak. He lives in Dearborn, Michigan and teaches at Oakland University.

Faith Fulbright’s work has appeared in Disclaimer and Bombay Gin.

Kate Garklavs lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in Cacti Fur, Two Serious Ladies, Leveler, and elsewhere.

Howie Good is the author of, most recently, the book of poems Dangerous Acts Starring Unstable Elements.

Celeste Goyer is an artist and poet living in California. She edited Mind In Motion literary magazine from 1982-1996.

John Grey is an Australian poet living in the U.S. His work has recently been published in Stand, Washington Square Review, and Rathalla Review.

Sarah Jean Grimm edits the online magazine Powder Keg.

Elijah Guerra is a finalist for Gasher’s 2023 Bennett Nieberg Transpoetic Broadside Prize. Their poems are featured or forthcoming in DREGINALD, Permafrost, and Fourteen Hills.

Samantha Guss is a senior at Vassar majoring in American Studies.

Zachary Scott Hamilton is the editor of experimental poetry website Mannequin Haus.

Luke Hankins is the author of a collection of poems, Weak Devotions, and the editor of Poems of Devotion: An Anthology of Recent Poets. His most recent book is The Work of Creation: Selected Prose.

Nels Hanson’s poetry has appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Word Riot, Pacific Review, Oklahoma Review, The American Aesthetic, and elsewhere.

Trivarna Hariharan is the author of poetry collections The Necessity of Geography, Home and Other Places, and Letters I Never Sent

Iraqi poet Faleeha Hassan is the author of several novels, poetry collections and children’s books. She lives in New Jersey.

David Hornibrook’s poems have appeared in Flyway, Dunes Review and Stone’s Throw magazine. He lives in Troy, Michigan.

Jamie Iredell’s most recent book is Last Mass. He teaches creative writing in Atlanta.

Based in Austin, M. A. Istvan Jr. is the founder of Safe Space Press, a publication house that provides a home for divergent and disparaged voices.

Jeff P. Jones is the author of the novel Love Give Us One Death, forthcoming from Texas Review Press. His work here is inspired by the poems of Norwegian writer Dag T. Straumsvag.

Alex Jose is an English teacher based in the UK.

Dan Josefson is the author of the novel That’s Not a Feeling

Tim Kahl’s most recent book of poems is The String of Islands.

Casper Kelly is a writer, musician, and fine art graduate living in the United Kingdom.

Jon Kemsley has recently been published in Ginosko, Blood & Bourbon, Breakroom Stories, New World Writing, and the Fiction Pool. He lives and works on the south coast of England.

Richard Kostelanetz is an American author, critic, artist and editor. His work here is selectively excerpted from Askews, a long list of aphorisms.

Heather Lang’s poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming in Pleiades, Jelly Bucket, and The Normal School online, among other publications.

Joseph Langdon was the 2015 recipient of the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award for fiction from Poets & Writers magazine.

Laura LeHew is the author of poetry collection Willingly Would I Burn, among other works, and the owner of chapbook imprint Uttered Chaos.

Shaun Leonard is a screenwriter and poet. He lives in Los Angeles.

Madeleine Manguezais teaches English at a public secondary school in Queens.

Carl Hansen Manks is the author of several prose-poem chapbooks, including Beasts in Tandem

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia-based writer and filmmaker. He is a member of C22, an experimental writing collective.

Mira Martin-Parker’s work has appeared in various publications, including the Istanbul Literary Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Mythium, and Zyzzyva.

Poet Jonathan May grew up in Zimbabwe, but now lives and teaches in Memphis, Tennessee. 

John McKernan’s poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and many other magazines. His latest book is the poetry collection Resurrection of the Dust.

Shannon McLeod’s work has appeared in Hobart, Word Riot and CHEAP POP. Her essay chapbook, Pathetic, is forthcoming from Etchings Press.

Michael Mungiello’s work has been published in Eclectica, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Cheap Pop and elsewhere. “Despair” is an arrangement of lines spoken by George Costanza over numerous episodes of “Seinfeld.”

Sheila E. Murphy is the recipient of the Gertrude Stein Award for her book Letters to Unfinished J. Her most recent book is Golden Milk. Reporting Live from You Know Where won the Hay(na)Ku Poetry Book Prize Competition and xPress(ed).

Karen Neuberg’s most recent chapbook is Myself Taking Stage. She lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY.

Dragos Niculescu is a poet based in Bucharest, Romania.

Candace Nimms is a poet and arts educator. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Niree Noel’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in McSweeney’s, The Rumpus, Los Angeles Magazine, and elsewhere. She lives in Los Angeles.

Rachael Peckham is the author of Muck Fire, a chapbook of prose poems. She teaches at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

Ivan Peledov is a writer based in Longmont, Colorado.

Artist Sal Randolph lives and works in Brooklyn.

Alison Schweikert is a writer based in Northern Pennsylvania.

Margarita Serafimova’s work has appeared in Agenda Poetry, London Grip, Waxwing, Trafika Europe, and other publications.

Jacob Siefring is a writer and translator living in Ottowa.

Alex Wells Shapiro is a writer and artist based in Chicago.

Thomas Snarsky is a high-school math teacher in Malden, Massachusetts.

Laurie Stone’s recent work appears in Fence, The Collagist, and Barzakh. Her latest collection, My Life as an Animal: Stories, is forthcoming from TriQuarterly Books.

Most recently, Abigail Thomas is the author of the memoir What Comes Next and How to Like It.

Megan Thompson’s work has appeared in Best of the Net 2015, DIAGRAM, Sundog Lit, and elsewhere.

Daniel Uncapher received his MFA from the University of Notre Dame. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Chicago Quarterly Review, Tin House Online, Baltimore Review, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Neon, and others.

Lee Upton is writer-in-residence at Lafayette College in Easton, Penn. She is the author of The Tao of Humiliation: Stories, among many other works.

William VanDenBerg is a poet and fiction writer based in Providence, Rhode Island.

Poet Claire Wahmanholm lives in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and is managing editor of Quarterly West.

Francis Waarm lives and writes in Indiana.

Guinotte Wise is the author of the story collections Night Train, Cold Beer and Resume Speed. poetic language models by Ross Goodwin are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. uses an algorithm to generate descriptive text about a photograph.

Vincent Craig Wright has recent work in Fourteen Hills, The Harvard Advocate and BlazeVOX. He teaches creative writing at Southern Oregon University in Ashland.

Mark Young’s first published poetry appeared over sixty-two years ago. Much more recent work has appeared in Scud, Mobius, NAUSEATED DRIVE, & Word For/Word.