Mary is thinking about ghosts

and about mothers about being named for a long line of mothers about
being named for the mother of god for the mother who intercedes for
everyone mary is mary mary is busy mary is committed mary is an angel
not a devil mary doesn’t believe in devils mary is the last thing she
will ever know mary is an EEO lover mary is this
and that and the other mary
doesn’t thinks she’s divine mary is the pattern of what the church
calls holiness mary is a figurine mary is a believer mary makes
acquaintance with fairies sometimes mary is charged and mary is
beheaded mary is a bonny lassie when she’s smiling mary is a hippie
chick mary is an advocate mary is the girl i love mary is not tin
lizzie mary is more a volkswagen mary is association mary is research
mary is inquiry mary is an institution mary is the ark of the
covenant mary is the first creature to enjoy eternal life mary is
weeping mary is comfort mary is busy so very busy mary has been to
three weddings and a christening mary is committed to concerns in
those troubled mary is close to those suffering or in danger mary
feels sometimes too deeply mary is invoked as a blessing mary is the
queen of heaven mary is to bear god’s child mary is fully accredited
to do so mary is 100 years young mary is answering the challenges
mary is coming mary is cumming mary is still a virgin mary is an
instrument for the presence of a male god mary is her hips and her
breasts and her cunt mary is a sex machine mary is a baby machine
mary is unaware of her power so mary is forever grateful mary is
still waiting mary is cunning mary is charged with treason mary’s
trial began mary is her own best witness mary is executed anyway mary
ascends mary is never mentioned as ever having an assumption mary is
barely mentioned in the bible but maybe that’s because mary is so
very busy mary is from magdala mary is from galilee mary is from
texas and tennessee and carolina mary wrote a gospel no one reads
mary kissed jesus and said buck up love mary kissed jesus on his
mouth and was scandalously pleased mary is in song lyrics especially
when mary is contrary mary is savvy mary is savvy enough to know that
contrary sells mary is a gem mary is a rock mary is a tree and a pond
and a heron mary is an island mary is a descendant of aaron and from
the tribe mary is the tribe mary is a bear mary is a wolf mary howls
at the moon dancing barefoot mary is a good example mary is a model
public servant mary is happy when she is permitted to speak mary is
ecstatic especially when she is permitted to write mary is so busy
and always so very happy mary is a candle burning mary is the virgin
mother of god mary is god’s plan for our salvation mary is from the
heart mary is the bleeding heart mary saw her son die mary saw her
husband die mary saw death rise like smoke from the ground mary saw
the land bleed and still does mary is one of the top realtors in the
country mary sells pieces of heaven mary is a diva mary is a repeat
mary is into ta and ra and tantra mary is both priestess and altar
mary is running for mayor of killybegs mary is nominated for awards
mary is the holder of the gavel mary is the hammer and the heel mary
is mentioned in section 12 paragraph 43 lines 14-16 mary is
propaganda mary is prophecy mary is private but not nearly as private
as she wants mary writes letters to jesus saying son or lover i’ll
see you soon mary is fond of postage stamps with flowers mary is flat
rate and express mary is the sentence and the paragraph mary is the
grammar and the syntax mary is the mary is a mary among marys mary is
the if mary and the but mary and the why ask for permission when you
can ask for forgiveness mary mary is of course of course of course
mary mary is all for one and one for all  mary is closer than you
think mary is driving mary is driving to work mary is always driving
to work mary is driving and singing mary is always singing mary sings
along with the dead mary sings harmony for the centuries mary is
singing with ghosts and so she is thinking about ghosts mary is
thinking maybe she already is a ghost mary sings along with the
ghosts in the car singing mary mary mary are you still here after all
these years?

Mary Carroll-Hackett
04 08 16