On appearing on television

It is unlike real life. Unlike wind sawing branches in the night.

Unlike a fistfight blood snot cries of pain rage horses pounding down the street to alert the unsuspecting populace. If I may be so bold, it is more urgent than that.

It’s a mirror above a pool of water. It’s an infinity wall.

Nothing is as fascinating as a face in close-up. You catch a glimpse and it’s like your tongue in a socket. Laughter passes through the crowd. Behind you a ripple of curtains, then slack again.

Feet thundering in the aisle. A raised hand, a cough, a bouncing knee. The attractive woman in the front row beaming. Your face in the monitor a stranger’s face. Bewildered. Ten pounds too puffy. Then it is you again.

Never forget the influence of this moment — the impact, the bandwidth. It is of greater magnitude than anything you have broadcast so far and ever will. You must thank the audience for the honor of their attention.

Jerry Dennis
08 05 16