Poem of praise

My Death can’t read Chinese
My Death is confused by stop signs
My Death is hibernating with bears
My Death’s tears are hidden in a cloud
My Death hates E Power Biggs
My Death keeps looking at my baby photos
My Death believes in a tax on toenails
My Death chewed my birth certificate
My Death doesn’t know where West Virginia is
My Death is licking the ice cubes on Mars
My Death is hiding inside a fossilized cricket   Chirping
My Death is confused by the STOP sign on the corner
My Death is lying under a seam of coal in Kentucky
My Death doesn’t know what a shadow is
My Death wants to inject a galaxy of silence into my skull
My Death would like the blossoms from a plum tree
My Death ambushed my ninth birthday
My Death tried to toss Noah overboard screaming    Are you sure?
My Death is patient
My Death knows how to jimmy locks
My Death likes to sunbathe nude at the North Pole
My Death thinks a sundial is a compass
My Death is afraid of prayer
My Death eats onions & garlic coated with dirt
My Death stinks   I smelled him this morning over the hill
My Death fights dirty but likes to swallow goldfish
My Death has sharp teeth and eleven broken fingers
My Death deserves his 15 nanoseconds of fame
My Death has no shadow nor does he whistle
My Death will not vanish like an extinct flower
My Death has no GPS system
My Death believes me when I tell him I live in China

John McKernan
10 24 16