Don’t autoplay
Yikes –uneasy feeling, I don’t like that
Just moving on to the next thing
This one is too loud, I had adjusted for
Near silence, yuck
Don’t like that it just moves by itself
I don’t like that it moves whilst I’m not looking
Don’t refresh
I just lost everything I worked on
Hate that you do that, yeesh
I’m breaking up with this thing
I don’t like that it can go forever
Probably long after me, gross
Pukevomit I’msick, I want to gouge my eyes
Clingfilm my head–squish, oxygen XXX
Don’t email
I’m going away–donotreply
I started seeing the numbers, always slithering, always
Doing something I don’t want them to do
Telling me to take a break well you made it SO FUN to be here
And yet you DON’T

Casper Kelly
12 02 23